Aluminum is by far and away the most commonly used material in industry today outside of Iron. It is a Non-Ferrous (non – magnetic) material, oared from the earth and depending on its alloy can be used for literally just about any industrial application. Thereby, making it valuable in all its forms and facets.

Aluminum is strong for its weight. It is also a good choice for framing load-bearing structures, as well as cars, trucks, planes, and boats. And if that’s not enough, aluminum is also highly conductive, nonmagnetic, non-combustible, completely recyclable.

Extruded Aluminum

Extrusion is a process in which they press aluminum stock through a die to create a certain shape needed for some sort of industrial or consumer application.

Extruded Aluminum is often used for pool cages, stairs, gangways, docks, railings, panels, or pallets.

Aluminum Cans

Most people throw money away every single day in the form of aluminum cans, aluminum cook pans, aluminum foil, etc… We pay a Premium for Aluminum Cans

Old Sheet Aluminum

Old Sheet Aluminum would be aluminum that has been rolled out into very thin sheets and this is used for many applications including siding on houses and camper trailers, carport roofs, window shutters, etc…

Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels are a favorite to buyers and sellers alike.

  1. They usually come more than 1.
  2. They are small and easy to handle
  3. They’re Heavy
  4. They usually net the seller some pretty nice cash

Aluminum Wire

Aluminum is often used in commercial wiring projects due to it being much like copper in that they are both excellent conductors of electricity, however, since aluminum is a little more abundant than copper. It is less expensive.

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