Cable Processing

Cable processing is just of the many specialist processes that is undertaken every day at the Hawkeswood Recycling Centre. We focus on providing a complete solution that includes sampling, stripping, shredding and separating all grades of cable and wire.

As specialists in the collection / delivery, grading and processing of all grades of cables we ensure customer satisfaction at all times in:

Recycling used cable

Every inch of cable we process is used to create new materials and one of the ways we achieve this is through cable granulation. This is a specialised process that removes steel and plastic coverings reducing the remaining cable to a granule in preparation for reuse as high quality material.

  • Household Cable

  • ACSR Aluminium Cable

  • CNE Cable (Copper & Aluminium)

  • Lead & Copper Cable

  • PVC Bright Cable

  • Tinned Cable

  • Bright Cable

  • SWA Bright Cable

  • SWA Tinned Cable

  • Low Grade Cable

  • High Grade Cable

  • Switch Bell Cable

  • Greasy Cable

  • Greasy SWA Cable

  • Dry Poly Cable

  • Greasy Poly Cable

  • Greasy Self Support Cable

  • PVC Singles

  • Lead Cable

  • Lead & Aluminium Cable

  • Cotton Braided Cable

  • Brassy Wire Cable

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