Metal values can fluctuate along with worldwide market movements, and this is reflected in the prices we pay. We want you to be happy with the prices you receive from Hawkeswood Metal Recycling, therefore we offer competitive and comprehensive prices that are in line with the current metals markets.
You’ll always receive the very best of care and you can be assured of the very best prices when you choose Hawkeswood Metal Recycling.

Upon collection your scrap metal is weighed on a fully-calibrated electronic weighbridge that provides a printed receipt ticket that details the weight and current rate of your metal.

Payment is flexible and is designed to suit you. We offer all forms of payment including cheque, BACS and same-day money transfers. One of our most popular forms of payment if the Hawkeswood Loyalty Card. We have partnered with VISA to create a pre-paid card that allows you the flexibility of chip and pin.

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