Audit Trail

An audit trail is paramount to your Company procedures and policies, Hawkeswood Metal Recycling Limited and all its employees adhere to your Company requirements at all times.

Codes of Practice

You as the producer of the waste's have a legal obligation to adhere to the Duty of Care Environment Protection Act (1990). As an authorised carrier of wastes, we ensure that all deliveries and collections are carried out within Environmental Legislation at all times, so that you the producer are always compliant.

Hawkeswood Metal Recycling Limited, carry out a compliance audit ensuring that you are complying with Duty of Care. RECYCLING can offer NOT just compliance with new legislation but also reduce costs by recognising, auditable routes to create new revenue for your business.

Date of transfer producer/supplier

  • Date of transfer producer/supplier

  • Address of wastes collector/supplier

  • Description of the waste (EWC code)

  • Unique docket number

  • Waste carrier’s site license number

  • Waste carriers license number

We provide a service bespoke to your company requirements.

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