Our reputation has been built on our professionalism, reliability and loyalty with an undisputed partnership with all our customers.

We supply bespoke containers for the collection of your scrap metal waste

With over 40 years trading experience and the processing of over 500,000 tonnes of metal waste throughout the year, we are aware of the overwhelming task that you undertake as producers of scrap metal to achieve your highest revenue return as well as being confident that you are receiving a collection service that you deserve.

Increasing Your Bottom Line

We are pro-active in finding the correct foundry market for your individual scrap metals produced, therefore ensuring the shortest route to the foundry sector in the UK or globally.

  • All Steel Scrap

  • All Aluminum Scrap

  • All Brass Scrap

  • Lead

  • Zinc

  • Copper

  • Automotive

  • Stainless Steel
  • Chrome Iron

  • Machinery

  • Precious Metals

  • Cable

We provide a service bespoke to your company requirements.

Drop us a message on our contact page or give us a call on 0121 327 7000 for more information.
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