Hawkeswood Metal Recycling Limited offer all their customers / suppliers a “Total Waste Solution”.

As a waste producer you have a Duty of Care to meet your legislative requirements. We can provide a service whether you’re recycling for the first time or are looking for a more personal service.

We follow stringent guidelines during this process and have full control during any material’s life. For further explanation of how we achieve 100% landfill diversion see below:

  • Your vehicle is weighed via calibrated weighbridge

  • The details of your load are submitted to the weighbridge clerk

  • The clerk instructs our driver to tip your load in a designated bay

  • Your load is submitted for examination by a qualified site operative

  • The material is transported via mechanical handling to the hopper of our MRF*

  • Any and all recoverable materials are extracted via the MRF* for further processing

  • All non-recyclable materials exit the MRF* and are transported for W2E** preparation

  • These materials pass through a tromell screen and are fed into an autobaler

  • The resulting bales are wire-tied and placed in safe, secure storage

  • Contracted haulage companies collect the baled material

  • The material is transported to an R1 Status Energy Recovery Plant

  • The R1 Status ensures the process is fully audited is energy efficient

  • Two Transfrontier Shipment contracts facilitate the movement of fuel to Germany/Holland for total energy recovery via W2E facilities

  • Materials Reclamation Facility

  • Waste to Energy

We provide a service bespoke to your company requirements.

Drop us a message on our contact page or give us a call on 0121 327 7000 for more information.
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