Hawkeswood Metal Recycling has a reputation for being superior for a reason, not just because we pay more but also because of our superior service.

Waste Management Services

Other Services

ISO 14001

We have achieved BSN ISO 14001 accreditation which further cements our position and commitment to customers/suppliers

Pre-paid card

We have partnered with VISA to create a pre-paid card that allows you the flexibility of chip and pin. Get in touch for more information

Bespoke weigh bridge

Copper, Brass, Aluminium, Alloy Wheels, Lead, Electric Motors, Cables, Stainless Steel, Car Batteries, Iron & Steel.

Process in house

We don’t just buy your waste and sell it on, we utilise our own machinery to ensure a holistic package and returning value

Business Waste Collection

In addition to our scrap metal collection services, we offer a total waste solution that is both flexible and value-adding in its ability to support your manufacturing output across various materials and waste streams.

Our Association

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